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    We offer this page and its use to anyone who has been in the unfortunate position of having a thief prey on them. Please review any of the listings on this page and stay on the lookout for the mentioned cars or parts. With the far reaching effects of the internet you may see or hear of someone selling a collection of identical parts to the ones mentioned on this page who think they are "home free" after moving the parts across country.
    DO NOT take it upon yourself to act on your own if you suspect something, as mistakes do happen.

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      In order for you to place any information on this page you will need to have:
    • The ability to back up what you claim with documentation or records.
    • A police report or proof that law enforcement has been contacted is also required to be in your possession.
            (if you didn't feel it was important enough to report, neither do we).
    • A valid email address.
    • We will not knowingly place any correspondence on this page relating to false claims, half-truths or jokes.
    • Please note: only recent reports (past 2 years) are accepted at this time.

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