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Camaro : Stolen Alert
Last Updated: Sep 3rd, 2009 - 13:49:17

* Stolen Alert * 1967 Camaro - Odessa, MO
By Al
Sep 3, 2009, 13:39

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Stolen Camaro Information

Name: Victor Smith

email: vgsmith2 at

City: Sweet Springs

State: Missouri

Phone: 816-718-6474

Report: 20080845 filed with the Lafayette County Sheriff's Office

Date: Sept. 3, 2009

Vin: 124377L108519

Year: 1967

Body_Style: Camaro


This Camaro was stolen from my property outside Odessa, MO.

I have owned this car since 1973. I was getting ready to completely restore it. It has a 350 w/ Z28 aluminum dual plane manifold, Isky hydraulic cam, two-piece Anson scatter shield, modified Muncie close ratio 4-speed w/ Mr. Gasket competition shifter. The oil galley below the intake has been deburred and polished. It has a 12 bolt single trac rear end w/ home made Lakewood style traction bars. It has a home-made snorkel type hood scoop, '69 model rear spoiler, Stewart Warner mechanical gauges, and other modifications.

It was repainted in 1973, the original pastel yellow with lacquer paint. The rear spoiler came off of a green car, so there will be green paint below the yellow. Needs body and interior work to complete the restoration. Has a dent near the tail light where it was backed into, and a dent in the driver's door where someone kicked out the glass to break into it previously to steal contents.

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