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Stolen Alert
* Stolen Alert * 69 Chevelle - MO
Sep 12, 2007, 00:58

subject: Stolen Chevelle Information

Name: Brent Wootten

email: brentschevelle at

City: St. Louis County

State: MO

Phone: 314-566-0616

Report: 07-50663

Date: 9/10/07

Vin: 136379A322376

Year: 1969

Body_Style: 2-dr Malibu

Information: My Chevelle was stolen for Roy Huffman's RV Storage in Ballwin, MO between 8/24/07 & 9/10/07.  The was a bright blue metallic 2 dr Malibu sport coupe.  The driver's side quarter panel between the door and the front of the wheel well had heavy damage and was painted primer grey.  It also had the body side molding that ran from front to back along the lower part of the car.

I've owned this car for 13 years and was trying to save money to do a complete restoration on it.  Any help recovering my car would be greatly appreciated. 
Brent's Chevelle

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