Dealer Zone Codes

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    If you do not have any idea where the car was sold originally, but DO have the zone and dealer numbers, then this should help you narrow the search somewhat. Keep in mind that some zones covered a very large geographical area while others were quite small.


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    About 'Zone' and Dealer Codes:
    These were listed on the window sticker and build sheet and denoted the area and dealer that the car was destined to be delivered to. Finding this info on your classic will determine where your vehicle was originally sold.

    If you have an original window sticker, this info should be on the sticker...probably near the upper left below or beside the dealer's address. The number is written, usually, as a five digit #...the first two are the Zone # and the remaining three are the dealer #. and of course it's on the build sheet too.

    A note about the window sticker, it sits right below the "Chevrolet Motor Division General Motors Corporation" print (at least for 1970) and was written as 27-208.

    Canadian cars may list the number as a unit: 81900 - this would be zone 81 dealer 900 (from GM production sheet). Canadian cars can be decoded by GM's Vintage Vehicle Services.

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